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Watch Repairs

At Keyishoes we offer a comprehensive service carrying out a variety of watch repairs or maintenance. How many of us have a collection of watches hidden in a drawer that we have never got around to repairing? Well collect them up and bring them to Keyishoes and letís get them working for you again! 
Our services include:
  • Watch Battery replacement
    • Quality Renata watch batteries supplied and installed in most types of watch cases including Jaxa type backs
  • Replace broken Spring Bars
    • These are the small metal springs that hold your watch strap to the case.  These often get bent or broken but are easily replaced
  • New Watch Straps
    • We can replace your watch strap from our selection of straps of various styles and sizes
  • Add or Remove Links
    • We can adjust the links on your watch strap to give you the perfect fit
  • Watch repairs
    • New Glasses
    • Crowns
    • Movements
Do you own a high end quality timepiece such as a Breitling, Rolex or Cartier?  Whether quartz or mechanically we can service your treasured watch to a high standard and even offer a postal service!
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