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VW, SEAT or Skoda (VAG) Non-Remote Transponder KeyAlmost all modern vehicles now incorporate immobiliser systems making vehicles much more difficult to steal. Most utilise a transponder car key – a key which contains a small transponder chip which is programmed to the vehicle.
The engine management system reads the chip in the key and if it recognizes it as the correct key, allows the vehicle to start.  This type of security system was introduced from about 1995 onwards and has evolved into many variations across vehicle makes.
Transponders are concealed in the body of the key and can come in various forms.  Some are integrated into the circuit board of the remote control and others are either glass or carbon.
Whichever is the case, it is very important to have a spare key.  The inconvenience and cost of being caught out after losing or having your keys stolen is one to avoid at all costs!  Modern replacement car keys can be very costly from the main dealer, but Keyishoes is able to either clone or program new keys to your vehicle quickly, conveniently and often at a fraction of the cost of your main dealer.
We can also offer additional choice. For example, do you really need your spare key to have a remote function? If not it may be more cost effective to provide you with a non-remote key that will work your doors and ignition and start your car (dependent on the vehicle).
Keyishoes can supply remote & non remote keys for the vast majority of vehicles.  Our most common requests are for Fords of all types; Transit, Focus, Fusion, Fiesta, Mondeo. Renault Clio is another vehicle where the remote plip tends to break easily.  So if your remote buttons have stopped working or are badly worn, Keyishoes can usually replace these after first checking whether the fault is with the remote or just a dead battery. 
Beware though! If you remove your battery to change it or if it has gone flat, replacing the battery will not necessarily mean that you remote will just start working again!!!! Often they will need to be reprogrammed to the vehicle.
Another danger is that when dismantling your remote to check/change the battery it is possible on some models for the transponder chip to become dislodged and lost!  Then your car will no longer start!  The best option is to call us or come in to see us at our shop in the Currys PC World / Homebase Car Park, Carlisle – Open Monday to Saturday!
There are three options available to you if you need a new key. These are:
  1. Your main dealership (we recommend that you ask them for a price before you come to see us.  That way you can see how much money you may save by using our service!  Make sure they include VAT and the programming charge when they quote you)
  2. Clone Key – An exact replica of your existing key
  3. Key Programmed to your vehicle – A unique key programmed to your car
Clone keys are available for many makes including the popular Ford.  We can produce a non-remote spare cloned car key for as little as £39!  This is frequently less than half what the dealer would charge!
However, some vehicles must be programmed to your vehicle and cannot be cloned. 
Nevertheless, again we can save you money by programming a new non-remote key from just £59.  From approximately £95 we can supply and program remote keys for many vehicles.
We have experience in supplying and programming keys for more than 70 different makes and models of car. Please click here to see the full list of cars that we have worked with so far.
So whether you’ve lost all your keys and need to get back on the road or need a spare to ensure that you don’t find your self inconveniently stranded, Keyishoes can help.  Don’t think “it won’t happen to me”  – It happens all the time!  Don’t risk it!  Call us today and arrange for a spare from only £39!!
Not in Our Area?
Don’t worry, simply fill in our contact form with as much information as possible and include your location and we’ll do our best to recommend a reputable Auto-Locksmith in your area. 
We would especially like to recommend 3D Group who are located in Nottingham and service a radius of approximately 50 miles including Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Lincoln and more! 
3D Group have over 30 years experience in the Locksmith trade and over 12 years specialising in Auto – Locksmith work.

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