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Sharpening Service

Keyishoes offer a professional blade sharpening service using a water-cooled grinding machine incorporating a leather blade honing wheel.

This machine uses a special low speed system to generate a precision sharpening method with custom jigs to ensure that blades are sharpened to the precise angle.

This ensures that we can offer a superb high quality sharpening service to trades and professions such as wood-turners, carpenters, hairdressers and chefs, who rely heavily on the quality of the blade. 

The combination of low speed and water helps to keep blades cool during the sharpening process making this system particularly well suited for use with specialist tool steels and carbon steels which may lose their temper when heated.  Equipped with a range of jigs to suit various blades including scissors, chef’s knives, chisels, wood turning tools and wood plane blades, we can cut to the precise angle required for the highest quality edge. The leather honing wheel polishes the edge removing any unwanted burr.

As well as for professional use our sharpening service is ideal for general household items, such as kitchen, tailoring and dressmaking scissors as well as garden tools.

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