New Driver Tips For Secure Car Ownership


Are you a new driver?  Has someone you know just past their test or bought their first car?  Then part of responsible driving is ensuring the security of your vehicle.
Passed Test
Did you know that over 117,000 cars are stolen each year in the UK?  Or did you know that 37% of vehicles are stolen using the victims own car keys and this is a crime that is on the increase, up 80% in the first quarter of 2010!
Do you only have one key for your car?  If so, who has the other?  Only just a few weeks ago a potential customer called to say that they couldn’t find their car keys anywhere and could we help?  Of course we offered to attend the vehicle and make new keys programmed to the vehicle.  Unfortunately, before we got to the vehicle is had been stolen and burnt out!
Keyishoes can not only supply and program new keys and remotes, but when we do, we erase all other keys that you may no longer hold, to increase the security of your vehicle.  Even if you do have two keys for your car, we frequently find that other keys have been made for the vehicle.  On one car the customer had only one key but using our diagnostic programming tool we found that in total 7 keys were programmed to start the vehicle!
If you have two but would like us just to erase any missing keys from your vehicle, especially if it has just been purchased we can do this for you from just £35!  If we find that no additional keys are programmed then our fee is just £5!
So what about the special New Driver Tips leaflet?  You can find it by clicking the link:  New Driver Tips!
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