Latest Car Theft Scam

How safe is your car?  The fact is that since the mid nineties, it has been increasingly difficult for car thieves to steal your car.  Transponder car keys have been fitted to cars in the UK since 1995. This system is where a small chip embedded in your key communicates with your vehicle. If the vehicle recognises the key then the car will start. If it doesn’t then the immobiliser prevents the starting of your car.
This means that the thief has had to come up with other ways of stealing your car. This usually involves getting hold of the car keys, either by stealing coats, jackets or handbags left unattended or fishing keys through your letter box from the table or other furniture where you drop your keys when you return home. More severe types of car theft involve burglary, and car jacking!
Here are a couple of scams to watch out for. The first is theft out of your car, rather than the car itself.
Imagine for a minute that you have parked in a Pay and Display Car Park. How often do you lock your car while you go for a ticket? I know I certainly don’t! A car thief loiters in the car park and as you go to the ticket machine he casually passes the car and opens the back or passenger side door very slightly. You place your ticket in the car and walk away “locking” the car with your remote. You hear it click and assume everything is okay. However, a few seconds later the car unlocks itself detecting an open door. The thief helps himself to your belongings and then carefully closes and locks your doors as he leaves. You come back to your locked car and can’t understand how you managed to have your stuff stolen with no damage and the car still locked!
Here is another involving the theft of the vehicle itself. As you are leaving a car park with your shopping two thieves work in tandem to steal the vehicle.  When your reversing one thief slaps the back of the car. Thinking you’ve hit something, you get out of the car – leaving the keys in the ignition- to survey the damage. The second thief jumps in the car and drives off!  Around the corner he picks up his accomplice!
So how much consideration do we give to the possibility of our becoming a victim car crime?
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