How Secure Is Your Vehicle?

How Safe Is Your Vehicle?

Car theft is on the decrease and that has got to be good news!  However, is all well with car security or should car owners continue to be concerned about the security of their vehicle?
Since 1995 all vehicles manufactured in the UK have factory fitted immobilisers installed making it much more difficult to steal a car. This technology includes a small transponder installed in the key which is read by the technology inside your key.
The vehicles immobiliser system when inserted in the ignition.  If the key is not recognised or if an attempt is made to “hotwire” the vehicle the car will not start making it virtually impossible to steal without the correct keys.  This has had a dramatic affect on reducing car theft.  Nevertheless, according to Home Office statistics, in the UK in the 12 months to December 2010 over 107 thousand vehicles were stolen.  In fact in figures published during 2009, 83% of vehicles are stolen using the victims own key!
This means that although car theft is down, the crime itself can have a substantially more serious impact on the victim.   For a car thief to steal a car it is now necessary for them first to steal the keys, and this means additional and more intrusive and even violent crime is committed, including house burglary and even car-jacking!  Just recently Keyishoes heard of an instance when someone’s car keys had gone missing.  Within 48 hours the car was stolen, then found crashed and burnt out.  Don’t assume your car keys have been lost.  Could they in fact have been stolen?
Contrary to popular belief the most commonly stolen vehicles are not high performance or luxury cars.  Here is a list of the top 5 vehicles stolen in 2009:
  1. Ford Transit
  2. Ford Fiesta
  3. Vauxhall Astra
  4. Volkswagen Golf
  5. Vauxhall Corsa
So how can you protect yourself and your vehicle from this increasingly insidious crime?  Keyishoes Specialist Car Key Programmers based in the Homebase / PC World Car Park, Kingstown, Carlisle, have compiled the following tips to help you to avoid becoming victims of car theft:
  1. Never leave your car unattended with the keys in the ignition e.g. While Paying for fuel of collecting a parking ticket from a Pay & Display Meter
  2. Don’t leave car pass with security details in the car – Many vehicles have a car pass or other security details in the vehicle which allow cutting of a new key or access to the cars security system
  3. Don’t leave anything in the car that could identify your home address
  4. Don’t leave your keys near the door inside your home and keep them out of sight.  The relatively new crime of “fishing ” is where a car thief “fishes” through the letter box to hook car keys off a window sill or table near to the front door
  5. Do make sure you are the only one in possession of keys for your vehicle.  If you have bought a used car, especially privately and it only comes with one key, where are the others?   Here at Keyishoes we can delete all missing keys and provide a new spare to ensure that there are no other keys that could potentially be used to steal your vehicle

For more information on Vehicle Security, Car Keys and Remotes, contact Keyishoes on: 07808 793 418 or contact us direct using the website and we will be happy to help advise you on how to secure your vehicle.

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