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Celebrating 5 Years in Business!
It's hard to believe that 5 years ago today I was opening the doors of Keyishoes for the first time, apprehensively wondering whether I had made the right decision!..... Read more here!

Health & Safety
Here at Keyishoes we take our responsibility to Health, Safety & Security very seriously. Read more here!

Who Do You Trust?
When you go to your dealer for advice about your vehicle and especially your keys, do you trust them without question?  Have a read here about one of our senior customers and his experience and how we dealt with his problem.

We're On Skype!

Yes that's right!  We now have a new (to us) means of communication with our customers.  Skype adds video calls which will be invaluable for helping us to help you with your enquiries.  For example, you want to know whether your shoes are repairable and at what cost before bringing them in.  Show us your shoes using your Skype Cam!  You need a price for supplying and programming a new Remote Car Key.  Shoe us your existing remote using your Skype Cam!  You have snapped your key and wonder whether we can make a copy from the two broken parts.  Show us using your Skype Cam!  Your car is showing an Immobilizer Fault.  Using your Skype Cam we can see what dash lights are showing and any codes they are flashing to help determine if it's a key problem or not.

Skype is a great way to communicate for FREE by Text, Voice or Video.  Our Skype Name is:  Keyishoes1  Why not add us as a contact now!

A Less Conventional Vehicle!

From time to time we get a slightly more interesting job to complete!  This was the case for us this week when the vehicle in the picture arrived outside our trailer shop in Kingstown, Carlisle.  The brightly painted Orange car is an MK Indy built by a local man over a period of 18 months.  It was a fantastic day to be out in the topless car and I was instantly jealous at the prospect of driving this vehicle briskly just a few inches off the tarmac!  The immaculate vehicle was powered by a 2 Litre Ford Z-tech which know doubt ensured it's quick progress along the roads back to it's home in Caldbeck!

MK Indy Kit Car

Back to business though..the car had been fitted with a Ford Tibbe ignition and we had no difficulty ensuring that there was a good working spare key for a mere £10.

 Expanded Car Key Services

We want to take this opportunity to update you on the recent improvements we have made to our car key programming and remote services.  Recent changes are:
  • ID46 Cloning
  • Specialist Renault Key Programming
  • Specialist Nissan Micra K12 Programming
Click here for more info!

Carlisle Engraving New Website!

Calisle Engraving LogoWhy not pop over to our sister business and visit their new website!  Here you will be able to get a full description of there products & services as well as links to online catalogues for Trophies, Medals, Awards and more!

Introducing Carlisle Engraving

Calisle Engraving LogoWe are immensely proud to introduce you to our new sister business Carlisle Engraving that begins trading from the 1st of October 2012.  Click here to find out more!

Big Increase in Shoe Repairs at Keyishoes!

Here at Keyishoes over the last couple of weeks we have experienced a massive increase in Shoe Repairs!  This is wonderful news because it has been our mission to Shoe Recyclingincrease the popularity of the environmentally friendly traditional trade which keeps approximately 50 million pairs of shoes out of landfill each year while at the same time saving out customers a great deal of money.  
Ladies Stick on Sole & Heel

We would like to remind you that we are able to repair 90% of shoes in need of some TLC and that includes even the most modern shoes!  So don't just throw your shoes out.  Get them repaired!  For more info click here and complete our online enquiry form

Read this interesting article about the latest high tech watch that doubles as a Car Key for an Aston Martin DBS. Read the article here

BBC Radio Cumbria Interview
This morning Simon was interviewed on BBC Radio Cumbria by Ian Timms regarding the surge in interest in traditional trade services such as Shoe Repairs as a result of the current financial pressures.  Ian discusses with Simon the revival of the "Make Do and Mend Culture".  Did you miss it?  Listen to it again here Our interview is at about 2:21


Watch RepairsWe have recently had requests for more comprehensive watch repairs and servicing for high end quality time pieces.  Here at Keyishoes we are always endeavouring to improve the level of service provide to our customers and to this end we have now partnered with a quality watch repairer to provide an excellent watch repair service at an affordable price compared to Jewellers or the manufacturer.  We can even offer a Postal Service!  So whether it's a Casio digital or a mechanical Breitling Chronograph, we can help.  For more information click here  

Welcome to our new website!  Take the time to have a look around.  There is lots of information about our services.  We have a printable voucher available in our 'Specials' section and why not bookmark us and come back from time to time to see our latest deals!
Why not subscribe to our website by completing the online contact form here and benefit from exclusive offers for our subscribers!


What happens if you cook yourcar keys in the Microwave?!?!
We donít recommend it but thatís what happened for one parent from Annan this week! He came into our shop in the Curryís PC World, Kingstown, Carlisle in a bit of a panic because his your toddler had decided to pop them in the microwave to see what happened!
Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the keys didnít survive the experience! As this was the only key to the car, a new remote flip key was required for the gentlemenís 2005 Vauxhall Zafira.
We had the appropriate parts in stock and were able to supply, cut and program a new remote key the same day!
Job well done!
If you are looking for a new set of car keys then contact us today and see how we can help you if your keys happen to go in the cooker!

To further enhance our programming capabilities, we have now invested in the cutting edge Truecode Renault Key Programming software.

This software means that we can now obtain the dealer immobiliser code from most Renault vehicles and program new vehicle keys in minutes saving pounds off of dealer prices. We are now able to supply and program Renault Key Cards starting at £150! This is a considerable saving on dealer prices with no added VAT!

Once we have your new key in stock, usually as soon as the next day we can normally program your key while you wait!
Call Simon on 07808 793418 or contact us direct via the website for more information. 

To further enhance our programming capabilities, we have now invested in the cutting edge Truecode Renault Key Programming software.
This software means that we can now obtain the dealer immobiliser code from most Renault vehicles and program new keys in minutes saving pounds off of dealer prices.
We are now able to supply and program Renault Key Cards for up to 17% starting at £150! This is a considerable saving on dealer prices with now added VAT.
Contact us today if you are looking for a new key for your Renault vehicle as we can help to provide a cheaper alternative to going to your dealer.

Here at Keyishoes, we are able to offer a full Auto, domestic and commercial locksmith service. However our specialism is Car Key & Remote programming and Auto-locksmith work. To that end we are in a process of investing in some of the latest technology to improve our service to valued customers.

So what is changing? Up to now, we have been able to provide a comprehensive locksmith service but in many cases this has been a slower service than we would like where all keys have been lost. This is because the only in-house machine to cut keys to code have been the older Ford / Jaguar Tibbe keys like the one in the image. This meant that we obtained the key code for you then had the key supplied the next morning by our supplier ready cut. The great news is that we are now able to cut the key to code using the latest in portable computer cutting machines! This machine can cut most types of car keys in minutes to a code from our vehicle and can also make near perfect copies even from worn keys by reading the code of the key automatically!

A further investment has been made to improve our ability to program keys and remotes to VAG based vehicles both old and new. The VAG group includes: Volkswagon, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, SEAT and Skoda. These vehicles assist in keeping the cost down and increasing our coverage of models we have purchased the VAG-COM (VCDS) a laptop based aftermarket software system used by many independent garages to diagnose faults on VAG vehicles. VAG-COM has the enviable reputation of being one of the best VAG diagnostic systems available outside of the main dealership! We are also looking into how this software might be useful to amatuer mechanics working on VAG vehicles. It may even help to diagnose potential problems before purchasing or selling a VAG Vehicle*

In due course we will be taking delivery of further software to assist in additional accuracy of immobiliser code reading for VAG based vehicles and precoding of transponder chips also useful for programming keys for even the latest models of VAG cars. We aim to specialise in programming keys and remote to all types of VAG vehicles.

In the meantime though, we are now fully equipped to respond to emergency car key cutting and programming for almost all makes and models of vehicle, even at the roadside and capable of making keys even when all keys are lost. We can even open your vehicle to recover keys locked inside using non-destructive professional techniques.

Take a look at our list of successfully completed vehicle programming here.

*Keyishoes are not auto mechanics or auto electricians. Any diagnostic information provided may need to be interpreted by a qualified mechanic and is for information only. We DO NOT repair vehicles.

Not many car keys can boast that they have travelled more miles than the car they belong to! However, the humble remote control car key that belongs to a Renault Clio resident on Stanwix, Carlisle can make just such a boast!

The Clio key went awol a month or so ago and the cars owner, Rob Stevens of IMS Consulting has been hunting high and low for it virtually turning the house upside down in the process!

As the only key to start the car, Rob was left with a potential bill of over £130 to replace it! Let that be a lesson to all of us who only have one key for our vehicle! In this case a spare key while the car was present was only going to cost Rob £29, but once the original key had been lost then it became a whole different ball game. Of course replacing the Key was not a problem for us, but Rob was determined to save pounds by finding the missing key. It had to be somewhere!

However, this is a story with a happy ending because over the weekend the stowaway key turned up over 3,500 miles away in Canada, having hidden itself in the bottom of a bag belonging to French Canadian Gaby, girlfriend of Robís Son Elliot!

As we speak the well travelled car key is making itís return trip back to the UK to be reunited with itís owner and itís companion car.

The moral of the story? DONíT RISK IT! Get A Spare!

Not sure if you have seen any of the exposure we have had in the local press but though it would be good to share it here! So here goes:
Not long after we launched Keyishoes Matthew Legg of the Cumberland News Group wrote this article about us:
Shoe Repair Business Launched in Carlisle

This weekend we were features in the Going Green section of the Cumberland News concerning our Shoe Recycling scheme:
If you would like to know more about the services that we offer at Keyishoes then please contact us for more information on continue to browse our site as we have tried to provide as much information on here as possible.

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