A Car Key Well Travelled!

Not many car keys can boast that they have travelled more miles than the car they belong to!  However, the humble remote control car key that belongs to a Renault Clio resident on Stanwix, Carlisle can make just such a boast!
The Clio key went awol a month or so ago and the cars owner, Rob Stevens of IMS Consulting has been hunting high and low for it virtually turning the house upside down in the process!
As the only key to start the car, Rob was left with a potential bill of over £130 to replace it!  Let that be a lesson to all of us who only have one key for our vehicle!  In this case a spare key while the car was present was only going to cost Rob £29, but once the original key had been lost then it became a whole different ball game.  Of course replacing the Key was not a problem for us, but Rob was determined to save pounds by finding the missing key.  It had to be somewhere!
However, this is a story with a happy ending because over the weekend the stowaway key turned up over 3,500 miles away in Canada,  having hidden itself in the bottom of a bag belonging to French Canadian Gaby, girlfriend of Robís Son Elliot!
As we speak the well travelled car key is making itís return trip back to the UK to be reunited with itís owner and itís companion car.
The moral of the story?  DONíT RISK IT! Get A Spare!
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