Who Do You Trust?

Sometimes the stories that I hear from customers that have been with the car to franchise dealers to get advice or service regarding their car keys beggar belief!
I have just had an elder gentleman come to see me regarding his car, having been to a well-known French vehicle franchise for advice on a new car key.  His rubber button had fallen off his key and so in order to press the remote it needed a sharp object to press on the switch through the opening.  So the remote circuitry was working fine.
He was told by his franchise dealer that he needed a whole new key at a cost of 150.  The key arrived and he duly went into the service department and after waiting 50 minutes he was told that his key was programmed to start the car, but due to a "problem with his control box", the remote would not program in to open and close the doors by means of the buttons.  Please bear in mind that the original key worked fine, but for the rubber button cover missing.  This was obviously going to have to be replaced at huge cost!
 Rover 75 Refurbished Remote
He left and came to me and within 30 seconds I manually programmed his new key to operate on the buttons.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with his control box!  Manually programming a remote to this particular vehicle is a simple procedure and the franchise dealer should have had no difficulty in accomplishing this!  Was the dealer being dishonest or just inept?  I'll let you decide...
Incidentally, the same genuine key supplied by Keyishoes would have cost just 115 all in!  However, as the electronics were not faulty we could have refurbished the whole key replacing the case, rubber buttons, blade and battery (if needed) for just 25! If he just needed an emergency spare non-remote key that would be just 59!
Unfortunately, all though I'm sure that there are many honest car dealerships, there are also many dishonest ones who sadly give the industry a bad name.  If what you are being told doesn't ring true, don't be afraid to go and get a second opinion!
If you need any advice on your vehicle keys, give us a call on: 07808 793 418, or come in to see us for good honest advice!
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