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Spring is almost here!... so we thought it was time to take the opportunity to remind you and update you on the latest from Keyishoes.

We have made a number of improvements and developments to our services and we also have some exciting news which we think will be of particular benefit to our trade customers, particularly our motor engineers!


At keyishoes we can Supply & Replace either Remote or Non-Remote keys to most makes and models of vehicles.  This includes Key Cards such as used by Renault and also Smart or Intelligent Keys for Keyless ignition vehicles, such as those found in Nissan, Ford and others.VW Spare Remote Key

It is sometimes misunderstood that the "Transponder" is the part of the remote that has the buttons.  This is actually just the part of the key that offers the convenience of locking or unlocking the vehicle without using the blade.  It actually has little to do with the Immobiliser function on the vehicle.  Instead, this is a different function Transpondereither on the circuit-board or separately included in the case of the key.  The immobiliser function only comes into operation when the key is inserted in the ignition (or in the case of proximity keys, is in the cabin).  Some of these transponders are more difficult to copy than others!

The great news is that we can now copy even more transponders!  Including those found in:  VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, older generation Honda's, Iveco, Fiat, Alfa and some Volvo.  This means that we now have a more cost effective solution for providing spare non-remote keys to these vehicles, which in some cases might otherwise run into hundreds of pounds!  So yes, we can save you more money!

This solution works for most of the above vehicles and typically we can complete the work in under half an hour.  You may not even need an appointment!  For some vehicles, such as Volvo we made need the vehicle longer, or may even ask you to leave the car with us for the day. This is due to the slower communications systems on some vehicles which slow up the process.  However, this slight inconvenience is easily outweighed by the huge saving in cost, which on a Volvo might otherwise cost over 300 for a spare.

This cloning solution can even work on some vehicles with Keyless ignition.  We can offer a spare key solution without the remote function.  So for example, on VW Passat and some Volvo's we can supply a Pod to slot in your ignition without the remote function but that will start the vehicle and this comes with an emergency key for opening the doors.  A great solution as an emergency spare!


We are now able to supply and program by appointment New GENUINE keys to Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT & Skoda vehicles as well as others, including even the very latest 2017 models!!


Toyota Remote RepairAre you struggling on with a Remote Fob key that is worn or faulty?  Does the key to a vehicle you are selling tell a story that the vehicle has had a hard life or that it has been well maintained?  A common list of complaints about keys, that we can remedy are as follows:
  • Flip Keys that don't Flip!
  • Remote cases that keep falling apart
  • Blade broken away from housing
  • Key so worn that it won't work properly
  • Batteries flat
  • Remote lost it syncronization with the vehicle
  • Locks but won't unlock or visa-versa
  • Button Rubbers worn out
  • Switches broken off circuit board
  • Failed transponder antenna (particularly common on Peugeot or Citroen vehicles resulting in non or intermmitant starting)
All of the above we are able to remedy for you and we even offer a postal service if you are not local.  

Our repair and refurbishment service ranges from 15 to 45, a massive saving on replacing the whole key.


Keyishoes can now offer a range of adhoc diagnostic services to our trade customers.  This can include Diagnostic Investigation, BSI Configuration, Component Programming, Tow bar Programming, New Battery Programming, Electronic Ignition Programming and more besides! Contact Simon on 07808 793418 for more information.  Or click here to see a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, list of procedures.  Be patient as the page takes a while to load!
Bottle Engraving


Remember that Keyishoes offer a wide range of other services for your convenience.  These include:
  • Key Cutting
  • Engraving
  • Shoe Repairs
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Trophies & Awards
  • Pet Tags
  • Garage Door remotes
  • Sharpening Services
  • Watch batteries, Straps, Link Adjustments and minor repairs
  • Shoe Care
We hope you found this issue of our newsletter informative and we look forward to being of service.  In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support.  Remember you can follow us on Twitter:  @Keyishoes  on Facebook:  /Keyishoes & Instagram:  /Keyishoes

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