Removing Salt Stains From Leather Footwear

There is little more frustrating than finding salt stains on shoes or boots after getting them wet in a heavy shower or even a mishap involving a deep puddle!  The biggest mistake is polishing over the top in the hope this will hide the mark.  In fact, it will leave a raised line and probably just come back through again!Salt Stained Shoes

So what should you do if you get your leather footwear wet?

Step 1.  Dry out the shoes naturally at home.  Not on a radiator!  This can damage your shoes.  Best method is to stuff them with newspaper and leave place them in an airing cupboard or near perhaps underneath a radiator.

Step 2.  Once dry with a dry shoe brush gently brush of excess salt

Step 3.  Take 1 part white spirit and 3 parts water place in a bottle (preferably with a spray nozzle) and shake to mix water with white spirit.

Step 4.  Spray onto leather then sponge or use a cloth to clean the affected area.

Step 5.  Allow to dry and then polish using the appropriate colour shoe cream or wax

PLEASE NOTE:  It is recommended that this is tested on a small inconspicous area first.  Using this method on light colours may stain the leather.  There may be some colour loss.  Do not use unless you are sure the uppers are leather.  I have not tried this on Suede so cannot vouch for it's effectiveness or any damage it may cause to the material.  Using this method on any footwear is done entirely at your risk.
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